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Kim Kardashian...Impersonator?



You can love her or hate her (or not care!) but Kim Kardashian is determined you’ll hear about her…and her summer wedding. Not planning undue attention on this blog, but musically, I think there’s something to point out. Kim’s told a few celebrity weekly magazines (or “a source” did) that she plans to ask friend and The Voice co-host Christina Aguilera to sing the “first dance” song for her and fiancé Kris Humphries.

Aguilera’s hot again because of her prime time show, adding that attractive combo of talent and paparazzi chasing fuel to a Kardashian event bon fire. Fabulous!

Want to get a rise out of your guests and provide a vocal treat you and your new spouse can enjoy? Look at Gigmaster’s impressive impersonator category of talent! If I could re-do my 2008 nuptials, I would have taken myself a lot less seriously and relished the look on my relatives faces as an Elvis impersonator kicked off the dancing post-cake-time. This is also a fun idea to consider for the non-musical portions of your event …imagine a Mark Twain impersonator in white suit sipping lemonade at your summer wedding’s cocktail hour. Talk about prime time!

Whatever your impersonator or entertainment needs, make sure to check out GigMasters' wedding planning guide.