New Wedding Dance, The Flash Mob?

Marta BlockContributor

One of the oh so difficult parts of my job is spending time reading other wedding blogs! I was surprised when I came across this idea on Martha Stewart Weddings, of all places. It seems that flash mob dancing isn't just for engagements any more!

The normally traditional Martha featured a bride and groom who plan on involving all of their guests in a group dance number. The bride and groom sent a video of the dance moves to their guests ahead of time, so that everyone could learn the moves.

I could see this working if you and your guests were all on the same page about such things, but one of the great things about weddings is that they bring together friends and family from everywhere. Your college roommate might find this idea cool, but will it work with your cousin and your grandmother?

What do you think? If you got this video with a wedding invitation would you start getting down, or start looking for ways to get out? Tell us in the comments.