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New Years Eve Parties

Drew Stoga


New Year’s Eve: for some it’s the biggest party night of the year.  For others it is the perfect night to stay in, avoid the crowds and go to bed early. For those of you who fall into the ‘quiet night with a book’ category – enjoy.  You probably don’t need our help to plan your night. For those of you who are looking for a party – read on. New Year’s Eve parties are usually a blast but they can also fall flat if they aren’t properly planned.  One way to ensure that you have an amazing New Year’s is to host the party yourself.   That being said, planning and hosting a New Year’s Eve party takes guts.  Great New Year's Eve parties dont plan themselves.  Chances are most of your guests will have turned down several other offers in order to come to your party.  The pressure is on. 

So what do you need to have an amazing New Year's Eve party? First, the obvious – you are going to need plenty to drink.  We recommend champagne – lots of it.  One great way to save money and impress guests is by whipping up champagne cocktails.  This can be a thrifty way to go because you don’t necessarily need to spring for the good stuff to make a decent cocktail.  One great option is the French 75, which is just champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar – nothing wrong with that. Now that you got booze, you should probably also serve a few snacks.  We’ve noticed that most sane people like bacon – so maybe try figs with pancetta and goat cheese, or if you are feeling very indulgent, baked oysters with bacon cognac butter!  Both are great options for hors d'oeuvres and will get the party started on the right foot. OK, food – check.  Alcohol – check.  Now all you need is entertainment. 

Last year we suggested keeping your guests entertained with a big band, string ensemble, DJ or funk band for your New Year’s Party – all suggestions that we still stand by.  For a rocking good time you could also consider hiring a rock band or keep your guests singing along with a great cover band.  The entertainment options are endless so feel free to get creative. No matter how you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve we hope you have a blast.  The holiday season is a lot of work. 

By the time you get to New Year’s Eve – you deserve a little fun. Even if we are a little early – HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at GigMasters!