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Outdoor Weddings: Top 5 Logistical Tips

Marta Block


One of the top tips our wedding professionals often ask us to share with brides and grooms is to think about logistics and backup plans for outdoor weddings. Dave of Groove Nation Orchestra, one of the premiere bands in the Colorado Rockies (a great place for outdoor weddings), has some thoughts for you about the logistics of an outdoor wedding (wherever you are).

    • Early set-up time – Make sure to add a little extra set-up time if your wedding is outdoors. Keep in mind that musicians can’t set up or play on inclines, grass, sand, or rocks. If your musicians have never performed at your venue, make sure they do a walk through ahead of time to spot potential problems.
    • Accessibility and legality-Make sure the ceremony and reception site are accessible by vehicles and rolling hand trucks. Musicians and DJs have heavy equipment, they need a way to get it there! You also need to ensure that you have the proper permits and insurance for your event.
    • Consider a floor- It’s hard to dance if your heels are stuck in the ground. Consider renting a dance floor.
    • Don’t DIY – Outdoor weddings may seem like the perfect way to have a casual/DIY wedding, but you need to have a professional set up your tent to make sure it’s free of leaks. If you need to rent a generator to provide power (which should never be more than 100 feet from the event), rent it from a professional event company. A home-style generator can’t give you the power you need, and may damage professional equipment.
    • Here comes the sun – If your wedding is in the late afternoon, be considerate of your guests and try to avoid having them face due west. If guests will be facing the sun, or won’t have shade, keep the ceremony short. Talk to your musicians about their needs for shade and seating.

    And of course, have a backup plan. Even the best wedding planner in the world can’t control the weather, so make sure you have a backup venue, and an efficient way to let vendors and guests know where you’ll be.

    Special to The Bash by Dave of Celebration Nation Entertainment To read more of Dave’s tips for outdoor weddings, check out his article on the Celebration Nation blog.