Parisian Birthday Party

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

The French are famous for their fantastic food and exquisite taste - the elements to any successful party! That's why this Parisian themed birthday soiree was such a hit. With help from GigMasters own mime Marti Cate, the birthday girl and her guests were transported to beautiful Paris for the day.

The mastermind behind this lovely theme was Lindsey, who threw the party to honor her mother-in-law, Claudia. "She  is one of the most delightful women you will ever meet," gushes Lindsey, which is why the hostess was determined to  create the perfect party for her. The party decor consisted of many antiques and DIY crafts. An awesomely unique touch was the line of postcards  Lindsey had pre-addressed to her mother-in-law. Guests were asked to write the birthday girl sweet messages, so they  could be mailed to Claudia throughout the year!  


Lindsey chose the classic Parisian theme because of it's whimsy and romance, so to add to the enchantment, she decided to book a mime! A quick search brought Lindsey to the page of Marti Cate, who has been performing as a mime for over 25 years. "I knew right away she had the charisma I wanted," the hostess explained. Her raving reviews were no exaggeration - Marti was a hit! She set a festive tone by doing things like rolling out an imaginary red carpet, "pouring" guests tea, and dancing the can-can with the birthday girl!  



When we asked Marti to describe the party, she marveled over it's warmth, creativity and fun. "From the miniature hot air balloon decorations to the dozens of postcards clothes pinned on a line, everything showed such an artistic flair!" To throw a creative Parisian party of your own, Lindsey advises to simply have fun with it! Don't use parties you see as templates, but rather as inspiration to throw a bash that reflects your personality. If it's anything like Lindsey's, it is sure to be fantastic. Thank you to Lindsey and Marti for sharing this beautiful theme with us, "oui" absolutely love it!