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Parties We Love: From Baby to Big Kid Celebrations

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Starting off this week’s parties we love is an adorable feature from Bump Smitten. How could you not fall in love with this Elephants on Parade Baby Shower? This brightly colored shower just makes you feel happy, which is exactly the kind of emotion you want to evoke with any baby shower theme. The cheery vibe is created with brilliant hues of yellow and white, complimented nicely with a deep gray accent (representative of elephants of course).

alt Photo Credit: Bump Smitten

“Welcome little peanut” is a delightful (and quite appropriate) saying used throughout this party’s styling.  The elephant theme is even carried through to the party favors which were etched glasses containing circus peanuts – a great way for guests to remember this super cute affair. If you plan to replicate this amazing party, consider hiring an event photographer to capture all of the special moments and dazzling details. I’m not sure about you, but I can safely say that any child I have ever known has gone through a Sesame Street phase. Sesame Street is a timeless classic that continues to be a childhood favorite generation after generation. That’s why this Sesame Street Birthday Party from Tom Kat Studio is a great kids’ party selection regardless of whether Elmo, Big Bird or Cookie Monster is your child’s favorite character. For starters, take a look at the totally impressive character cupcakes featured in this party - they are amazing works of art!  I don’t know if I would be able to see them devoured, they are so incredible.

alt Photo Credit: Tom Kat Studio

alt Photo Credit: Tom Kat Studio

The colorful printables used for this party are ideal for the Sesame Street theme. The creative games included in this party such as, “Count with the Count” and “Oscars Trash Toss,” are great themed activities to keep the youngsters entertained. And don’t forget, you could always have a costumed character come dressed as your child’s favorite Sesame Street personality. It would be a great surprise! When kids mature past the Sesame Street stage, this Abracadabra Magic Party from The Party Wagon may prove to be a more suitable celebration choice. All the children that attended this party were given their very own magical cape to wear during the festivities. What a great idea! You really can’t go wrong with giving any child a cape.  This party also offered guests scrumptious star shaped sandwiches and “magic wand” fruit skewers. Yum! And we all know that no magic party would be complete without a little authentic hocus pocus from a professional magician! Just remember, when you include a great magic show at any event, it’s - Voila! - instant party success. 

alt Photo Credit: The Party Wagon

altPhoto Credit: The Party Wagon

If you are looking for more party planning inspiration, stop by our Event Planning pages for tons of great ideas and resources.  Let us know what you loved about this week’s featured parties in the comments below.