Astrology Themed Party: Ideas for an Aquarius

It's Aquarius season!

Lauren Miolene


Calling all winter babies, it’s officially Aquarius season! January 20th to February 18th is time to celebrate this independent and innovative air sign, so it’s time to start planning an unforgettable birthday bash. Don’t forget to use our helpful checklist that will help you plan and stay organized, so your birthday will be even more enjoyable.

Dive into the classic traits of your astrological sign and try one of our six party themes so you can celebrate this year’s birthday in style. Aquarius signs are typically clever, confident, and love to analyze, so keep reading for creative party themes.

Pro Tip: If you have a deep interest in all things astrology, consider booking an astrologer for your birthday party so guests can learn more about themselves.

Here are top birthday party themes for an Aquarius…

Trendy Disco

Aquarius party ideas - trendy disco themePhoto: New Africa/

This isn’t your typical 70s themed party; a fun birthday party idea for an Aquarius is to blend old with new by hosting a trendy disco themed celebration. The trends come and go, but a disco party will never go out of style.

If you’re wondering how to make this throwback theme trendy, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you. Incorporate the current fashion trends into your outfit like flare jeans, platform shoes, and plenty of sparkles. You’ll also want to include mirror balls everywhere in your decor, serve mini quiches and kabobs, and sip on Dirty Shirley cocktails.

Themed entertainment is the best way to help bring both the 70s and 2020s together. Book a disco band to perform top hits from the 20th century or even an ABBA tribute band to channel the Mamma Mia aesthetic.

Trendy Disco Themed Party Guide

Paint and Sip

Aquarius party ideas - paint and sip themePhoto: Alfonso Soler/

According to astrology, people born under the Aquarius sign tend to be creative and artistic, so a paint and sip party is ideal for the guest of honor to unleash their inner artist. Luckily for you, we have plenty of ideas to turn this paint and sip into an unforgettable birthday party.

You can always go to your local paint and sip location, but this activity is super easy to replicate at home, also easier to personalize. All you’ll need to do is get canvases for each guest, painting supplies, and choose a painting for guests to recreate.

For the sipping portion of this paint and sip, you can elevate this experience by booking a bartender to serve everyone different types of vino. In addition to creating a work of art, a bartender can host a wine tasting or craft other cocktails for guests to sip.

Après Ski

Aquarius party ideas - apes ski themePhoto: LightField Studios/

Whether you like shredding the gnar or not, the festivities that take place after skiing are made for everyone. Plus, it makes the perfect winter party theme, especially for a birthday. Snowy weather, warm outfits, and good vibes are the basics you’ll need for this party theme, all you have to do is add the finishing touches, and we’re here to help!

Set the aesthetic of an après ski party by sending themed invites encouraging guests to wear their best ski attire. For a creative twist, you can go the “80s in Aspen” themed route with bright and bold colors. Build a roaring fire, have a DIY s’mores bar, and plenty of hot cocktails.

Après ski is all about the party, so you’ll definitely want to get a DJ or live band to get the festivities started. Guests can enjoy dancing and maybe even a few rounds of karaoke with these event professionals. Don’t forget a shot ski, it’s tradition!

Apres Ski Themed Party Guide

Star Wars

Aquarius party ideas - Star Wars themePhoto: Shahid Jamil/

If you’re looking for Aquarius party ideas, you might like a Star Wars theme to embrace the celestial elements for a sense of galactic adventure. This innovative sign will enjoy the futuristic and innovative nature of the classic sci-fi movie series for their upcoming birthday.

In addition to decorating with plenty of stars and moons, you’ll want to have a variety of activities and Star Wars inspired food for this celebration. Take part in trivia from the movies, Star Wars inspired Mad Libs, and serve treats like Yoda’s soda and wookie cookies.

Immerse yourself and guests in the galaxy far, far away with classic cantina music. Live musicians will be able to play this energetic beat to make everyone feel like they are up in space. You can also find local costumed characters On The Bash that will add a special touch for pictures or even lead in Jedi training.

Star Wars Themed Party Guide

Super Bowl

Aquarius party ideas - Super Bowl themePhoto: gpointstudio/

Lucky for people with birthdays in early February, the playoffs and Super Bowl fall right in the middle of Aquarius season! If you’re a sports fan or just like the tailgating vibes, host a dual birthday party and Super Bowl party that is sure to be a hit with guests.

The best part about hosting a Super Bowl birthday party is that you’re probably already getting together for the big game. Invite guests to wear their favorite team attire, whip up plenty of football favorites like buffalo chicken dip, and decorate your space with footballs and the team colors. Don’t forget the football themed birthday cake!

Keep the gathering casual but memorable with the help of local vendors. Choose from a variety of food trucks or even host your own halftime show with entertainers like a caricaturist, magician, or even a live musician. We also have an epic Super Bowl playlist available on Spotify that is sure to get the party started.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Aquarius party ideas - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themePhoto: Master1305/

Take inspiration from the new adaptation, Wonka, with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party. Dive into the magical world of sugar, candy, and all things sweet for a perfect Aquarius party theme.

Fill your event space with colorful candy decorations and vibrant balloons, plan plenty of fun activities like a golden ticket scavenger hunt or a DIY invention station, and of course, serve Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired bites and beverages. Some of our favorites include loaded Oompa Loompa tater tots, Violet Beauregarde blueberry cupcakes, and chocolate espresso martinis.

Aside from the candy overload, this party is truly perfected by vendors and entertainment. Rent a bounce house to replicate the feeling of Fizzy Lifting drinks, book a bartender to mix up delicious custom cocktails, and recreate the feeling of the factory with a photo booth complete with a Willy Wonka backdrop and props.

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Published on 1/18/2024