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Rap Music Weddings, a Celebrity Wedding Trend?



Nothing says big money British wedding like a Snoop Dogg performance…does it? Well, apparently it does! Though you might not peg them for adoring fans, turns out the likes of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and model Kate Moss have all requested the California-born, endo-smoking rapper to perform for their big day. When asked why he couldn’t perform at last month’s tiny little affair known as “the Royal wedding,” Snoop explained he had a prior pressing engagement of “a barbecue to attend.”

Of course and would someone please pass Snoop the gin and juice. A live performance is, however, scheduled for Kate Moss’ wedding to finance Jamie Hince, this summer.

I like rap, but I don’t think I’d even play very much at my wedding, let alone go for a live performance, but then again, it sounds like fun. Can’t you just imagine Aunt Joyce getting jiggy with it?

Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here: it‘s smart and sophisticated to keep musical choices in line with your usual style, and in the taste of the theme and décor of your ceremony and reception sites – to a certain point.

Maybe if you’re looking to surprise some guests, allow everyone to let off some steam (including you! and Aunt Joyce!) and shake things up, go for an unexpected set of songs or live performance from a non-theme/décor fitting artist once the cake has been cut. Bagpipes, accordion, opera, rap, techno DJ … the list goes on and on!

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