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Real DIY Wedding Tip: Watch out for Bugs

Marta Block


Usually on Mondays we run photos from a real wedding. But, I went to a real wedding this weekend, and it was amazing, except for one thing ...

The wedding was outside on a gorgeous piece of land in Michigan. Every detail was in place, not just the wildflowers and mason jars but all the other details that a lot of DIY outdoorsy brides forget. There were rented tents, chairs, and tables. There was a rented dance floor (with talc to make it less slippery) and even a separate rented tent for the DJ, to keep his equipment safe and dry. The tent had a shade to keep the sun out of his eyes. There were mic stands for the ceremony musicians (another often looked detail).

The only thing they forgot about ... mosquitos. The wedding was held on a piece of land owned by friends of the groom, and this beautiful property came complete with a pond. The pond looked lovely during the day, but by dusk the invited guests were way outnumbered by flying ones.

Everyone coped as best they could with citronella candles adding to the ambience, and organic bug lotion provided, but the wedding started at six at night, and by nine most guests were running out of blood. The party broke up much earlier than I'm sure the bride and groom would have liked because many of the guests simply couldn't cope with the bugs.

Although there's nothing the bride and groom could have done to prevent the mosquito plague, there are things that could have prevented the exodus. Here are some ideas:

1. For this particular piece of land, a day time wedding might have been a better plan. Hold the wedding in the late morning or early afternoon, and spend the day into the evening partying with no skeeter trouble. By the time the mosquitos come out at night, everyone will be ready to go home anyway.

2. The land came with a barn that was used as a staging ground for the wedding, the ceremony could have been held outdoors at five and guests moved into the barn for dinner and dancing bug-free.

3. Four-sided tents, the tents were lovely and would have provided coverage for rain, but did little to keep the bugs out. A local company that specialized in wedding tents may have been able to point out the potential bug problem to the bride and groom.

For all brides and grooms though, the important  thing to remember is that you can't think of everything. A week from now the bug bites will be healed and all the guests will remember is how in love the bride and groom seemed.

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