Real Event: Nightclub Themed Birthday Party

Nikki-Lynn BoathContributor

Electronic Dance Music, more commonly known as Techno arose from the bustling city of Detroit in the mid 1980’s. Well, it seems as though techno is making a very large reappearance in this decade. The popularity of events like the Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Zoo are taking America by storm! When GigMasters' client, Lorina, decided to draw inspiration from this rhythmic trend to host her cousin Crystal’s 24th birthday party, we just had to learn more.

Lorina’s “Glow Rave” themed party was held at her home in California where friends and hip family members gathered to celebrate Crystal’s birthday until the wee hours of the morning, in true nightclub style!

To start transforming her backyard into a nightclub, Lorina had special lighting installed to illuminate the pool and enhance the LED Lit beach balls that floated in the water. The special effect lighting certainly added to the night club ambiance! She even rented a portable glowing bar that was equipped with glow accessories. The illuminated bar supplies included liquid activated shot glasses and glow in the dark straws. A bartender, experienced in the nightclub scene, was hired to mix up some popular cocktails for the birthday girl and her guests. A private bar, glowing barware and a professional bartender really brought the nightclub theme to life.

Lorina, told us that the right type of music was essential to the party’s success. “DJ MPH (Los Angeles, California), found through GigMasters, brought this party to its feet with his club inspired set that featured dance pumping music from producers such as Calvin Harris and AfroJack. DJ MPH even played some of his own original mixes that really showcased his talents!”

The guests danced well into the night and “raved” about the party’s successful planning and authentic décor! This party truly shows how creative GigMasters clients can be when they bring the party to their own backyards!

Have you ever hosted a nightclub themed party? Rave about it in the comments below!