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Royal Wedding Tips for You, Listening to the Music

Marta Block


With the “Royal Wedding” countdown clock nearing zero, the wedding world is paying close attention to what the prince and his bride do and say wedding-wise.

It was big news at the GigMasters’ offices when the two visited Westminster Abbey to listen to a rehearsal of the music that will be played at their wedding.

It’s nice to know that they—personally—are doing their research for the big day, but here’s a tricky detail: Prince Charles joined them to help them make a decision about the music. Do those ears help him hear better, or is this just due diligence to let the future King weigh in?

Either way, it’s a wedding “do” to get comfortable with your entertainment choices before the big day, whether that means listening to recordings or past events, checking them out live or simply creating that all-important play list. So what are the happy couple looking to book for wedding tunes?

The Daily Express reported that the Royal couple listened in on an “orchestra comprised of about a dozen young people wearing black velvet cloaks,” but a royal source jumped in to say, don’t consider the band booked just yet: “the couple’s visit was to choose which music would finally be used and which they wanted to discard.” Black velvet cloaks for an April 29th wedding? Now that might be a fashion “don’t.”

What do you think? Will your parents or your parents-in-law be helping you choose music for your ceremony or reception? Would your answer change if your future father-in-law was the future King of England?