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Royal Wedding Update: George Michael



The Royal wedding freight train is just around the bend and it’s difficult to browse the web, read a paper or watch TV without hearing something about April 29th. And today is supposed to mark an unveiling (pun) of a crucial wedding detail, that will indefinitely impact future weddings—royal and otherwise—for years to come: the title track of George Michael’s song-present.  I know, I know what you’re thinking—“jitterbug.” But no!

Apparently, in a twitter-off with CNN’s Piers Morgan, GM decided to honor the royal couple with a cover track from the 1970’s (which they have approved), which will be available for download today.  Honestly, I couldn’t make this stuff up.  George Michael has been many things – pop icon, my biggest crush as pre-teen in the 1980’s, a drunk – and this may just be his chance to once again be a pop icon. Hopefully, the other two are in the distant past for good.

I see two real takeaways here: 1) using twitter to communicate with guests – the more boisterous, the more applicable this is as they’ll LOVE discussing matters with the bride or groom for all to see... and 2) set up a charity fund if you can or want to. How many chafing dishes does one really need? I still have like five wine decanters and I’ve been married three years.

The Royal donation site for anyone that wants to send a gift is www.royalweddingcharityfund.org. As for George, his song is free today on CNN.com but of course, donations from loyal – and royal – fans are always welcome.

** Update - as of yet, still no song title released! Come on George, some girls have a deadline to meet you know!**