Strip Down to Celebrate: Divorce Party Boudoir Photo Shoot

Terri Zimmer


Almost 900,000 couples say “I Don’t” every single year, and some of them see their divorce as a reason to celebrate.

“I want to celebrate the new beginning ahead of me” said Jessica M (full name withheld as her divorce becomes final).

It can be an awkward situation to celebrate, but one that deserves to be noticed. Parties range from raging ladies’ nights to weekend retreats to divorce showers. Divorcees can also choose a smaller, more unique celebration style. One where you can celebrate your freedom and assert yourself as a woman who's still got it.

Enter the Boudoir Photography Divorce Party

Source: Angelica Roberts Photography 

“Boudoir photography is all about empowering a woman to embrace her beauty and life from the inside out,” said Angelica Roberts, owner of Angelica Roberts Photography in New York City.

So how do you throw a divorce party with a boudoir photography session in the mix?

Keep it Small
For this kind of party, smaller groups work well. Grab your besties – no more than 4 of them – and see who’s up for the challenge. Choose people who you are very comfortable around. We’re talking “I’ve seen your butt on several occasions” comfortable.

Make sure you trust everyone in attendance. There are opportunities for unflattering and embarrassing cell phone snaps that you don’t want floating around Instagram. Or worse, your ex’s inbox.  

Keep it Comfortable
Hire a photographer with experience doing boudoir photo shoots. They have to choose a location where you’re comfortable stripping down and letting loose, advises Roberts. A hotel suite, your own home, or even the photographer’s studio are all great options.  

Bring whatever makes you feel sexy and empowered. Heels, favorite lingerie, and any props that might have meaning or bring out your mojo. 


Source: Angelica Roberts Photography 

Keep it Relaxed
Don’t put pressure on anyone – including the newly divorced. When it comes down to stripping down in front of a photographer you only recently met, nerves start to come out. Break out the champagne or other forms of liquid courage here too. A little celebratory beverage will help loosen you up and do what you set out to do: take some hot pictures!

Start slow with mostly-clothed pictures and go from there, but don’t make anyone do anything they’re not comfortable with. The fun frisky spirit of your party will quickly dissipate if anyone feels uncomfortable.

altSource: Angelica Roberts Photography 

Keep it All About You
Even though you might be sharing the spotlight with your closest friends, don’t forget that this is all about you. It’s your time to remember that you’re fierce, fun, and fabulous. Embrace that spirit and let the photographer capture it on film for you to see whenever you doubt yourself.

“By focusing on what you love about yourself, one generally becomes a more positive and happy person,” said Roberts. “My goal as a boudoir photographer is to help my clients discover their unique beauty and let their MOJO shine in front of my camera for the entire world to see.”

 altSource: Angelica Roberts Photography 

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