Tips for Hiring a Caricaturist

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Caricaturists are wonderful artists that can create beautiful, creative, funny drawings in a matter of minutes. It's no wonder why caricaturists have become a popular entertainment choice for a wide variety of events. We've seen a rise in caricaturist bookings for everything from corporate events and birthday parties to weddings and mitzvahs. When you are interested in hiring a caricaturist, it may be hard to figure out exactly what kind of artist you want to hire. That's why we've asked some of our top caricaturists to help guide you through the selection process. Here's their advice:

Analyze the Art
"When you are looking to hire a caricaturist, you should consider how well he/she achieves a likeness as well as humorous, but not necessarily offensive exaggeration of the subject.  Look at their samples and compare the drawing to the actual person," advises Dan Springer (New York, New York). "If you want to hire an artist to draw at an event, you should be sure the samples were drawn "live" rather than at home in the artist's studio. If a client is commissioning an artist to draw a caricature from a photo for a gift, then "studio caricatures" are perfectly appropriate." - John Gurney (Battleboro, Vermont)

Dig for Details
There are lots of details you should look into before booking a performer. While you may already know some of the questions you want to ask, we've outlined a few that our performers believe to be the most important. "Before hiring, one should speak directly with the caricaturist to learn something of his/her personality and professional demeanor. A client should ask about the number of years of practical experience drawing on-site and the speed at which he or she can draw the subjects with some true resemblance. Also, what paper size and medium the artist will be using." -S. Liane Brown (Hudson, New Hampshire) Caricatures by Emily Anthony (Coatesville, Pennsylvania) explains that you should always check a performer's client feedback to see what kind of reviews they have received. Remember, it's okay to ask for references when booking a performer, it's important to know that other clients have been happy with their work.

Will they be Entertaining?
Goofy Faces Caricatures (Detroit, Michigan) suggests that, "Probably the most overlooked point to consider when hiring a caricaturist is whether or not the artist can be entertaining. Will he/she interact with the guests or just look down and draw. This is far more important than their choice of paper size, color or B&W, and many other smaller issues." "Each guest should leave the easel in a better mood than when they arrived, and with a souvenir that captures their spirit and reminds them of the fun had at your event. Also, jokes should be included at no extra charge." -Party Pro Art (San Antonio, Texas)

Decisions, Decisions
"You should decide whether you want the artist to work in color, or black in white. There is often the perception that color is superior, but some purists prefer black and white. Caricaturists can produce many more black and white caricatures per hour than color. Some clients want the artist to give the person posing the choice, but in that case people almost always pick color. If a person being drawn never sees any works in color, then they are always happy with black and white. If you are concerned about getting a large number of drawings done, then you should opt for black and white." - John Gurney (Battleboro, Vermont) When you hire a caricaturist for an event, you are hiring them to provide entertainment as well as wonderful keepsakes for your guests. It is important that you do your research to make sure you find the right fit for you and your event.

If you need help finding a caricaturist, you can reach our Customer Experience Team by calling 866-342-9794 or emailing - We love caricaturists so much here at GigMasters that we asked our friend and member Judy Tourangeau (Naugatuck, Connecticut) to transform our entire staff into fabulous works of art. Take a look at our fun team page to see the results.

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