Top 5 March Madness Wedding Songs

Marta BlockContributor

Spring is here and college basketball is ruling the airwaves and the attention spans of most offices. It's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of spring and March Madness. Give your wedding planning a little jolt of energy and consider these 5 March Madness appropriate songs for your Must Play List (and don't forget to add these 5 March Madness appropriate songs to your DO NOT PLAY list once the games are over.

5. Our House - Madness

4. Win - David Bowie

3. Be True to Your School - Beach Boys

2. Play it Hard - DJ Dean

1.  All Star - Smashmouth


5 March Madness Songs to Avoid at Your Wedding

5. We Are the Champions - Queen

4. Run this Town - Jay Z

3. Unbelievable - EMF

2. Pressure Zone - Beck

1. Sweet 16 - Hillary Duff (or any song by this title, if the bride is 16 it's time to rethink the wedding)