Top 5 Songs for a Super Bowl Wedding

Marta BlockContributor

Obviously, we hope that before you scheduled your wedding you checked out our list of good and bad wedding dates and that your wedding is not scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday. But, just in case it is, for this week's song list we present the best and worst songs to play at your football inspired wedding.

Top 5 Super Bowl Related Wedding Songs

5. The Super Bowl Shuffle - Chicago Bears (oh come on, who doesn't love this song?)

4. I Don't Want to Play Football - Belle & Sebastian

3. Not as Much as Football - Mojo Nixon

2. All Kinds of Time - Fountains of Wayne

1. Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants (this year anyway)

Five Super Bowl Songs to Avoid at Your Wedding

5. Football - Iggy Pop

4. Jock-o-Rama - Dead Kennedys

3. Green and Yellow - L'il Wayne (sorry, not this year)

2. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight - Hank Williams, Jr. (aka Are You Ready for Some Football)

1. Drop Kick Me Jesus through the Goal Posts of Life- Bobby Bare

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