Top 5 Wedding Songs by KISS

Marta BlockContributor

Two  long-time-coming marriages happened this week. Actor Seth Rogen married his girlfriend of seven years and KISS front man and all-around obnoxious man Gene Simmons married his girlfriend of 28 years! We like Seth better than Gene, but we wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we actually could find 5 KISS songs that are appropriate to play at a wedding.

Top 5 KISS Songs for Your Wedding (by appropriate we mean as long as your wedding is not in a church and your grandparents are deaf, we do not mean in good taste)

5. Love Her All I Can

4. Anything for My Baby

3. Love Theme from KISS

2. I Was Made for Lovin' You

1. Love Gun

Top 5 Kiss Songs that Are NOT Wedding Appropriate

5. Let Me Put My Love Into You

4. Plaster Caster

3. I Got Love for Sale

2. Rocket Ride

1. Hate