Top Five Songs that Seem Romantic, but Are NOT!

Marta BlockContributor

As Valentine's Day gets closer lots of sites are coming out with lists of romantic love songs, hey we've even come up with a love song list ourselves. But, we know that not everyone gets in the hearts and flowers mood this time of year.

That's why we're also sharing our top 5 songs that SEEM romantic, but when you really listen to them you realize that they aren't. 

5. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton This comes in at number five because, whether or not you find it romantic depends on how annoyed you are by people who constantly have to ask how they look, plus, she doesn't know how much the singer loves her, and also, there's the whole putting him to bed drunk thing at the end. All in all, not the healthiest relationship. But, still, at least it is an attempt to tell someone that you love her.

4. Follow Me - Uncle Kracker Yes, it's about love, it's just about love with someone who happens to be married to someone else. We don't like to judge, but let's just say don't dedicate this one to anyone unless it actually describes your situation.

3.  More Than Words - Extreme When you first hear this you think "Oh, how sweet, he loves her more than words can say." But, if you listen, you'll realize that's not really what it's saying.

2. The One I Love - REM Seems romantic, until you get to the part where he says that it's for "the one I left behind."

1. Every Breath You Take - Police This one takes first place because of its shear ubiquity! Seriously, the song has been around for over twenty years, that's more than enough time for people to realize it's not about romance, it's about stalking.