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Top Ten New Songs for a Southern Wedding

Marta Block


In our Wedding Resource Guide we recently took a look at entertainment costs in different parts of the country are. So it seemed like good timing that while we were looking at regional differences, we got our free copy of Southern Living: Weddings in the mail. Even better timing? They have a list courtesy of radio show host Scott Register (bhammountainradio.com) of ten new songs for Southern weddings.

Scott Register's List of Ten Songs for Southern Weddings

10. Sinking Wishes - Matthew Perryman

9. No One Has to Know - Eliot Morris

8. Now That I Found You - Paul McDonald

7. Sweeter than This - Kate Herzig

6. Lovers' Waltz - A.A. Bondy

5. Wedding Day - Alejandro Escovedo

4. Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine

3. My Love Is with You All the Time - Jon Black

2. The Friend Song - Dryin' and Cryin'

1. You Dance - eastmountainsouth

These songs are all from artists South of the Mason-Dixon line. What other Southern or Southern-like songs do you like for weddings?