Wedding Guest Etiquette – Crowd Control

Roni Shapira Ben-YosephContributor

Few things are worse than having a beautiful wedding reception, or any other amazing party, eclipsed by a badly behaved guest.  Embarrassing toasts, drunken uncles, inappropriate moves on the dance floor and microphone hijacks can make the wrong kind of memories.  Joining forces with good entertainers for a little crowd control is the best way to avoid bad wedding guest etiquette.

- Learn from past experience.  If someone has behaved badly at party then they are likely repeat offenders.  Give your entertainers a physical description of the guest and ask them to watch out for anything dubious.  You may also want to talk to the bartenders and strategize if a guest has a track record of excessive drinking.

- Ask your talent to tip off your site coordinator or party planner if they notice any iffy conduct and let them take care of it.  These people have handled grizzlier situations 100 times over and it’s part of their job description.

- Compile a comprehensive “do not play list.”  Your little brother can’t bust out his Eminem lip sync and interpretive dance routine if the DJ doesn’t play Eminem.

- Set guidelines for toasts and musical requests.  That might mean identifying a list of toast-makers or doing away with the practice altogether.  It’s up to you as the host; just be sure that important guests won’t feel hurt or shut out.

- Anticipate triggers.  If Gramps has an axe to grind make sure that your entertainment doesn’t touch on the hot-button issue.  This is key with stand-up comedians, fortunetellers and any other talent whose routines consist of talk.

Good communication leading up the event is your best bet, so plan well and enjoy!