Wedding Introductions Done Right

Roni Shapira Ben-YosephContributor

Wedding party introductions are a great opportunity to set the tone of the reception, celebrate the newlyweds’ support system and let personalities shine.  When the bride and groom know what they want, good communication with entertainers can help to elevate introductions from routine to exceptional.  Thinking about the details of your wedding introductions in advance is key.

The style in which the introductions are delivered and the music will determine the vibe.  Formal ball or Super Bowl Halftime Show?  What kind of party do the newlyweds want?  Will an emcee (DJ or band member) handle introductions, or will the wedding party be announced by a family member or friend?  What kind of wedding introduction music will be playing?  Some couples choose one song to play for the duration of introductions; that song might be a personal favorite, a romantic standard or a celebration of the couples’ heritage.  Others will choose different music for each member of the wedding party – The Star Wars Theme for a Skywalker-loving best man or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for a party girl maid of honor.  Will the wedding party enter in the same groupings used for the processional, or will the groomsmen and bridal party be introduced separately?  Those decisions can help to inform musical choices.

The bride and groom should take full advantage of their vendors and entertainers when planning introductions.  If there’s professional lighting for the dance floor then ask the lighting technician to use spotlights for maximum impact during intros.  A celebrity impersonator or fortune teller hired to entertain guests could deliver unforgettable introductions.  Whoever is handling the introductions, it’s wise to spend some time discussing plans and expectations to determine the order, pin down any special details and make sure that everyone is happy at the end of the night.