Wedding Stuff We Love

Marta BlockContributor

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent the week at the Wedding MBA conference in Vegas. It was a great chance to meet others in the wedding biz and learn about what's going on in the wonderful world of weddings. It was also a great chance to ogle, gawk and be amazed at some of the really great products and services out there! Here are a few of our faves.

Thinking about a wedding portrait? What about a wedding painting, painted live at your event. This is what artist Sam Day of Seattle does. We saw him work and it was unbelievable. At the conference he painted the crowd during the event to show how he works, painting scenes like the one below live, during the wedding.

Looking for flower petals for your petal toss, runner, decorations or maybe even your honeymoon suite? Flyboy  Petals has the most beautiful flower petals, all grown in an eco-friendly manner on their own farms! These people literally wake up every morning and smell the flowers!

wedding rose petal uses

Imagine attending a wedding industry event right after you do work for Kim Kardashian's wedding? That's what happened to the folks from Original Runner Company. Hey, but they do great work even ifyour name and your budget aren't Kardashian sized!

aisle runner with blue pattern

We loved the theme invitations and announcements from City Card Shop, especially their Vegas designs, not surprising since that's where they're based!

Las Vegas married announcement

So many more great ideas and inspiration, we can't wait to share it with you in the coming weeks!