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Wedding Transportation: The Biggest Mistake

Marta Block


If your wedding is coming up but not in the next couple of months, chances are, you haven't thought about your wedding transportation yet. That right there is the number one mistake engaged couples make when it comes to wedding transportation. Although today's couples have a reputation for being obsessed with wedding details, for some reason as something as basic as how you will get to and from your wedding is too often overlooked.

A few months ago we took a survey of soon-to-be and recently married couples to find out how you feel about wedding transportation and we were surprised by some of what we learned. Although brides and grooms are terrified of late, dirty, or lost transportation, they often put very little thought into how, when, and where they'll find the transportation.

Many brides and grooms have high hopes for their transportation. They see all the possibilities from stretch limos to party buses to classic cars or even school buses. But, by not researching wedding transportation early enough they limit their possibilities. Many couples also unfortunately forget to budget for wedding transportation. Wedding transportation doesn't have to put a huge dent in your budget, but you do need to remember to include it.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at GigMasters is taking the stress out of wedding planning. We love that our service takes the stress and worry out of hiring wedding entertainment. Now, we're bringing that same level of expertise to wedding transportation. We know you have a lot to think about, we want to make thinking about transportation easier, not harder.

You can learn more about the transportation services we have available here.

You'll also want to put your mind at ease by reviewing our Buyer Protection Plan. Yes, it applies to transportation as well as entertainment!

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