Wedding Trend: The Wow Factor

Marta BlockContributor

Last week I attended "The Special Event" a show for wedding and other event planners. One simple word kept being said over and over again, WOW! "Wow" wasn't just an exclamation, it was a noun as in "clients expect you to bring the WOW" and "wow" as an adjective as in "That concept is really wow." Given how many "wow" entertainers we have at GigMasters, we couldn't be happier about this trend.

One of the great things about this trend is that it's doable at every price point. The image above is something called "The Gantry Bike." It's a human powered platform on which acrobats perform. The bike/platform was featured at the show and there's only one of them. Is this doable at every price point? No! But, you can take this idea and scale it back to something like an acrobat performing when you first walk into the room. Or even this floral stilt walker, featured at a wedding dinner at the show.

stilt walker floral

Does that seem like too much as well? How about one of these amazing floral designs? Luxurious, but depending on the flowers used, they can be recreated at a variety of price points.

wedding centerpiece in pink and greenflowers arranged on cake plate

Even a simple detail like the bow on the back of a chair cover can bring "Wow" to an event.

bow on chair cover

The point isn't to spend a lot of money, but to provide one or two things that make your guests feel "WOW!"

How will you bring the "wow" to your wedding?