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Wedding Venue Dilemma

Marta Block


An article in yesterday's Chicago Tribune described an interesting dilemma some Chicago brides are having this summer. These brides have booked the pricey and highly sought after terrace at Chicago's famed Art Institute as a wedding venue. The terrace costs $5,000 for a wedding, or $10,000 to rent the entire third floor of the museum.

The terrace is so highly sought after in part because of the amazing city views it provides. However, the Art Institute has commissioned an original art work by Pae White to be on display throughout the summer. The work (pictured below) was commissioned especially for the space and cannot be moved, nor does the museum want to move it.

Ten brides have filed a formal complaint with the museum. They say that while they knew the museum rotated art work through the terrace, they didn't imagine it would be anything this distracting, or that it would be something that blocked the view.

Art work Restless Rainbow

Restless Rainbow

Judging from the photos above, what do you think? Do the brides have a right to be upset? Take our poll, and share your thoughts in the comments.