What Every Bride Should Know About the GigMasters Deposit Guarantee

Drew StogaContributor

The mantra that drives GigMasters can be summed up in two words: simple and secure.

We know from experience how busy you are planning your wedding. We also know that anything we can do to make our client rest easily is greatly appreciated. That's why we offer the GigMasters Deposit Guarantee on every deposit paid through our site.

Demystifying Deposits

It is common practice for performers and vendors to ask that a deposit payment is made by the client at the time of booking, or shortly thereafter.  As a client there is no need to worry when your performer requests a deposit.  Deposits benefit both performers and clients.

Upon receiving a deposit, performers know that they have secured a gig.  The payment assures the performer that the client is serious and that they have one less open spot on their calendar to worry about.

Clients get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their entertainer has reserved the time exclusively for them.  A deposit paid means the entertainer is confirmed.

The Real World

In a perfect world, every single event would go just as planned (and the event planners rejoiced!).  Of course in the real world, all sorts of things can happen.  While it is unlikely that anything will prevent your performer from holding up their end of the bargain, it is certainly not inconceivable.

This is where the GigMasters Deposit Guarantee comes in.  All deposits paid through GigMasters come with a 100% money-back guarantee.  This means that in the unlikely event that your performer cancels their appearance; you receive your entire deposit back – guaranteed.

While there is no fine print on this offer, there are a few things to keep in mind.  The deposit guarantee only applies if it is the performer or vendor who cancels.  If you pay a non-refundable deposit to a performer and you are the one who cancels – you should not expect your money back (though some performers do offer refundable deposits – in which case your deposit would be returned).

There is also a $1000 maximum on our deposit guarantee and the deposit must have been paid through GigMasters.  You can even inform us of the cancelation up to thirty days after your event has passed and still get your deposit payment back.

If these basic criteria are met, GigMasters will refund your entire deposit.  If your event has not yet taken place we will also do everything within our power to help find you a suitable replacement performer or vendor.  Our reputation is at stake with every booking so we always do our best to make sure every client is completely satisfied.

While it is no fun to talk about the possibility of your booked entertainer or vendor canceling on you, it is important that you know that your deposit is safe (for additional peace of mind we also recommend that you sign an entertainment contract).

You can rest easy when you book through GigMasters - we have your back.