Whats Your Companys Party Style?

Chelsea Pellegrino


You’re in charge of throwing an office event. Don’t leave it to chance- plan the perfect party style for your company by following this quick quiz!

Q1: Your company dress code is:
A. Relaxed but professional- Khakis, button downs, dressy tops or even uniforms.
B. Business attire- Suits, ties, dress skirts and heels.
C. Creative casual- Jeans & tees, sneakers and tattoos also welcome

Q2: If your workplace were a movie, it would most closely resemble:
A. School of Rock
B. Wolf of Wall Street
C. The Internship

Q3: When it comes to relationships, your coworkers:
A. Don’t know each other too well. This event would be a great chance to mingle!
B. Spend some time together, but typically only during work hours.
C. Are buddies! From happy hours to weekend get-togethers, we’re a tight knit bunch.

Q4: If price were not object, your coworkers would appreciate:
A. A few rounds of good cocktails
B. A day on a yacht
C. A private concert from a trendy band

Q5: If you could describe your coworkers in one word, it would be:
A. Independent
B. Corporate
C. Creative

The results are...

Mostly As’- Social Hour(s)
This might be your style if: your office is a classroom, restaurant, hospital or other facility where you spend the majority of your time apart from your coworkers.
This works because: your week is spent on your feet! This event will be a time to relax and chat with the others you may not get to see too often
Our suggestion: A happy hour with a live musician will set the perfect scene for socializing. Add a food truck for a unique conversation starter!

Mostly Bs’- Classy Coworkers
This might be your style if: your office’s attire consists of suits, ties, dress skirts and heels.
This works because: your crew expects (and deserves) a taste of the finer things. Elegance is a mere extension of your corporate culture!
Our suggestion: Plan a cocktail hour or dinner at a private venue with a band or variety act. Go big!

Mostly C’s – Work Hard, Play Hard
This might be your style if: your seating consists of an exercise ball, your workplace has some kind of game room, or if mimosas are common at Friday meetings.
This works because: your company philosophy is more laid back. Coworkers (and head honchos) know how to have a good time.
Our suggestion: Hire a DJ to spin while you serve trendy cocktails or beer in cans, or host a private comedy show.

Now that you know the perfect style for your corporate event, let the planning begin! (Don’t worry, you won’t have to go it alone-we’re always here to connect you with the perfect event vendors and entertainers!)