12 Favorite Summer Party Tips

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

As summer draws to a close, we’re rounding up all the tips that made this season’s parties a breeze. Check out our favorite hacks from across the web:

summer party tip - bug spray

Photo credit: Imperfect Homemaking

summer party tip - watermelon keg

Photo credit: Andrew Zimmern

summer party tip - terracotta bonfires for smores

Photo credit: Gracious Rain

summer party tip - freeze ice cream scoops

Photo credit: Nana Company

summer party tip - label buns with ketchup

Photo credit: A Subtle Revelry

summer party tip - skewer asparagus for grilling

Photo credit: Cooking with My Kid

summer party tip - put glowsticks in balloons

Photo credit: Mazel Moments

summer party tip - watermelon as ice cubes

Photo credit: Her Campus

summer party tip - pool noodles for floating cooler

Photo credit: Distractify

summer party tip - freeze and slice popsicles

Photo credit: The Kitchn

summer party tip- cupcake liners as drink lids

Photo credit: Hidden Cupcakes

summer party tip - blow up pool cooler

Photo credit: Digesting Design


Did we miss any of your favorite hacks? Let us know in the comments!