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Kids Party Tip: Family Halloween Party

Marta Block


Over the past two decades Halloween has transformed itself from a kid's holiday to a major adult event. Obviously, we're thrilled with this cultural shift because it means more people having fun. It also means an increase in parties, including multi-age and multi-generational parties.

We've given tips on how to have a multi-age party before. But with Halloween there are additional considerations. The most obvious is costumes. It's important to make sure all your guests know that the party is for kids and adults alike. You can't tell people what to wear, but a gentle reminder that costumes should not be too scary or too sexy is appropriate. This is something you'll have to keep in mind with your decorations as well. Your own kids may be used to your skeletons and ghosts, but small visitors may need a gentler introduction to your house.

There are two very different schools of thought about how scary Halloween should be and you don't want to alienate your guests. Halloween is a great time for "themed food," creating funny and relevant names for ordinary food and drink. But, if you're having both adults and kids it's important not to be so cute that you disguise allergens or alcohol. Although Halloween wouldn't be complete without candy, many parents get hyper-vigilant about how much candy their children eat this time of year. Consider not having the candy front and center so that parents have an easier time turning down goblins' requests.

Will you be celebrating Halloween as a family or is it just for kids in your house? Let us know in the comments below.