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Kids Party Tip #9: How to handle a pint sized entertainment critic



When you choose entertainment for your kid's party, you do so assuming that all of the children attending will be engaged and interested in participating. But, unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way! An uninterested, or scared, child can happen unexpectedly and if you aren't prepared can lead to a lot of distraction – especially if the parents of the child are not at the party. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure to have a quiet craft or activity that the child can do on his or her own while the others are engaged with the entertainer. If you have help on hand, having this adult sit close to the child to help keep her focused on the entertainer may also be helpful. Of course, if her parents are on hand they will most likely take on this role. Entertainment is a key element to your child’s party.  Be prepared for kids who may not want to engage so that everyone else can stay focused on the fun.

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