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Kids Party Tip: What to Include on Party Invitations



Every party begins with the invitation.It sets the theme and includes the important details that your guests need to know regarding your upcoming event.  As we discussed yesterday, entertainment can play a big part in your invitation design. But, no matter what your theme, whether your invitations are handmade, store bought or electronic, there are some basics for kid's invitations:

  1. Who it is for – your child’s name
  2. Who is included on the invitation - if there's more than one kid in the house, make sure to address the invitation to the child you're inviting. If you want to make sure that all the sibs know they're invited, you can address it to everyone, or write a note on the inside of the invite.
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Place
  6. RSVP Phone Number/E-mail Address and a date to RSVP by – make sure to back up the RSVP date to 10 days before the party to have enough time to collect these responses.
  7. Drop off or not? For children in kindergarten or younger this should be worded as a request such as "Please feel free to stay and enjoy some adult conversation" or "Please feel free to drop your child off and enjoy some 'you' time."

In addition, make sure to include any important notes for your party too.  These may include:

  1. If guests are going to get messy, make sure you note that on the invitation.
  2. If you have a special meal or entertainment planned, make sure that time is noted on the invitation. Kids often try to fit in more than one party, or a party and a soccer game in one day. If they'll miss all the fun by arriving an hour late or leaving an hour early, make sure to give them a heads up.
Strictly speaking, gift information does NOT belong on any invitation, even to request no gifts. However, if you do not want your guests to bring gifts, or prefer that they bring donations to a charitable organization you can word that politely "No gifts please" or "Madeline requests that instead of gifts you consider bringing a donation of toiletries for the Food Pantry."

party invitation with guitar Invitation Credit: Polka Dot Design

Finally, have fun and don't forget to set the theme with your invitation.

What are some of the best and worst things you've seen on party invitations? Tell us in the comments below.