Must-Ask Questions for the Perfect Graduation Party

Emily Anderson


Schools out! You want to throw a party suitable to celebrate your high school graduate. Go beyond the boring and make it a safe but enjoyable party for everyone!

Pick a party style that is right for you. Are you planning a backyard bash with all of your graduates friends and family? Or, are you having a formal dinner with close friends and family? Choose a party style that is perfect for you and go from there! Here are 5 important questions to ask yourself when planning the perfect graduation party:

graduate blowing confetti

Photo Credit: M.C Fowler Photography 

Where are you hosting the party? Your location is crucial to party planning. Book your venue and you’ll instantly have your party guidelines: how many people, what type of entertainment, potential budget and more! Be sure to book in advance to secure your top pick.

When is your party? Avoid a party disaster! Have your grad get all the dates of his or her friends’ parties before you plan yours. Make sure your parties don’t overlap so your grad is able to attend their friend’s parties, too.

What kind of food will there be? Plan accordingly! Know what type of food you will be serving. Will you be getting your party catered, or will you make your own food to serve? If you’re looking for a more creative way to grub, try ordering a food truck! My personal favorite is the pizza truck.  If you’ve decided on cooking yourself, try some of these great recipes that are sure to feed the masses!

grilled chicken on plate chips and salsa

Photo Credit: Bless This Mess


What types of decor will you use? A great party has great decor! Decorate your venue with graduation goodies. Deck the tables with candies that represent your graduate’s new school colors or mascot. Looking for more personalized decor? Use old photos from kindergarten to senior year and display them at your party to let guests see your grad throughout the years.

pictures of a graduate throughout the years

Photo Credit: Dani Breeggemann

What entertainment will you book? Don’t let your guests get bored - keep them entertained! Hire a band or a DJ. Looking for something a little different for you graduation party? Check out our graduation entertainment guide for more ideas.


With these questions in mind, your graduation party planning is sure to be a success!

What are you planning to do for your graduate’s party? Let us know!