Soap Operas and Wedding Inspiration

Marta Block


Last night was the Daytime Emmys, an awards show that is in about as good shape as daytime TV is. It's true that soap operas are on their way out but there's no denying that they've had a huge impact on weddings. After all, soap operas are exaggerated fairy tales, and for a lot of people, so are weddings.Lots of people are looking to this year's royal wedding, which had an estimated U.S. audience of 22.7 million viewers to have a huge impact on weddings for years to come, but in 1981, over 30 million people tuned in to watch Luke and Laura's wedding on General Hospital.

Even though no other soap wedding has garnered that sort of attention, soap operas have been out the forefront of other wedding trends including gay marriage and vow renewals. We can't expect a royal wedding every year, and soap operas are ending faster than, well, than a soap opera marriage.

So, who or what do you think will be the big influencer on weddings in the next decades? Movies, Prime Time TV? Or something else? Tell us in the comments.