Tea-Time Birthday Party

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

Green, black, sweetened, herbal - no matter how you like your tea, this tea-time birthday party is sure to suit your taste!

Birthday girl Gianni and her guests enjoyed an afternoon of delightful garden decor, dress-up clothes and tea-time treats. The pastel pink and purple colored decorations created a charming setting, complete with faux rosebuds and bouquets. Guests sipped from monogrammed glasses and, of course, tea cups! In addition to a beautifully frosted cake, guests got the chance to decorate their own dessert with a cupcake bar! Take a look at the photos below sent over by Pretty Little Things Photography for inspiration to create an adorable (and easy!) tea party of your own.





This theme is such a fun spin on a traditionally proper activity. It's sure to be a hit among guests of all ages! Start planning your tea-time party today (and don't forget- pinkies up!)

Photographer:  Pretty.Little.Things Photography//DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Cakes a Go-Go// Submitted via Two Bright Lights