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Kids Party Tip #1: Top 5 Questions to Ask an Entertainer



Our kid's party entertainers are all about fun but they also get asked some tough questions. In fact they get asked many of the same questions time and time again. And that's not a bad thing! It means these are important questions. Things that you as a client absolutely need to ask before you hire. So what are the top questions to ask your children's party entertainer?  You may be surprised.

Top 5 questions to ask a potential entertainer:

1. What is your price?

2. Are you used to working with children?  If so, what is the typical age range?

3. What does the entertainment package include?

4. How long do you entertain for?

5. If you are using music, is it child-friendly? Do any of those questions surprise you?  Some of them may seem obvious but it never hurts to ask.

What are some other questions you like to ask a potential entertainer before you hire? Please let us know in the comment section below.