Wedding Songs, The New Standards

Marta BlockContributor

If you're starting to think about wedding songs, you might be interested in the results of our 2010 survey of brides, grooms, and wedding professionals. While some standard choices are sticking around, there are some interesting new trends slowly taking hold.

First Dance

There's no big movement in the standard first dance song, At Last is still the most popular. Michael Buble's Everything (2007) is ancient in pop music terms, but it's just coming into its own as a popular choice for first dance.


Although some songs like My Girl and Unforgettable are still popular they're surprisingly being edged out by country-favorite Heartland's I Loved Her First. Why surprisingly? Because country music in general is among the music most frequently placed on couples' Do Not Play list. As you might expect, with more people having complicated family relationships, more brides are choosing to skip the father/daughter dance altogether.


The mother/son dance is even less popular than the father/daughter dance and the songs people choose for it are more varied. But, Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World definitely leads the pack.

The Wedding Party

The Black Eyed Peas are to today's weddings what groups like Kool and the Gang were to the weddings of the 1980s and 1990s. Songs like I Gotta Feelin'Pump it Up and Let's Get it Started are replacing the classic Celebration and Sister Sledge's We Are Family as party anthems for introducing the wedding party.

What sort of song mix are you looking for for your wedding?