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When Musicians Marry...



What happens when musicians marry? That question is set to be answered again and again this year. Of course they’re just like “us” (they get coffee, they get massages for their pets ... ) but do they involve their own music at their weddings? I suppose it’s like any talented person with their own wedding – you could design your own dress or bake your own cake – but do you want to?

If not, do what Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did – get a famous songbird friend to do the deed (not the deed but y’ know…sing). In an interview with hometown paper The Tennessean, Shelton divulged that “Neal McCoy is playing the reception, and there will be a honeymoon. Other than that, the singer says he can’t share and doesn’t care about much else.” ‘Nuff said.

But where does that put Beatle Paul McCartney who is set to take the plunge with Nancy Shevell this summer as well. Who could possibly fill those shoes? "In My Life" is a popular wedding song, do you want to be the one to sing it in front of Sir Paul? And further, where does that put the “everyman” (and woman) in this situation?

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