Witchy Craft Halloween Treat Container Tutorial

Nicole SteegerContributor

Today's special guest is Dawn from Not Just A Mommy- a fabulous entertaining, crafts and party design blog. Dawn always has so many creative and clever entertaining ideas, and today she's sharing a sweet Halloween treat with us.  

I’ll get you my pretty…

…and your little dog too! This witch container isn't wicked at all...she's actually quite clever and easy to make.  She makes fun party favors for your Halloween party or for a teacher or special friend gift. Just fill with your favorite baked goods or treats. I couldn't resist filling mine with licorice Scottie dogs from our favorite candy store. What you'll need...

black shred (you can fill the cone with jelly beans or other small candies)

a paper lunch bag cut into 1/2" by 3 1/2" strips

black cardstock

1/8" and 5/8" ribbon of your choice; a foot of the 5/8" ribbon and a small piece of the 1/8" ribbon.

8 oz. vented soup container (I found mine at my local Paper Source; find them online at Garnish)

cone plastic bag

double sided tape or adhesive

1. Use the top of the lid to trace a circle out of the black card stock; cut out and set aside for later.

2.  Remove the lid's inner lid (the vent) and attach the paper bag strips on the lid's perimeter using double sided tape or adhesive..

3. When you have finished putting all her 'hair' on, replace the vent back into the lid.  Adhere the 5/8" ribbon to the lid's rim.

4.  Adhere the black circle of card stock you cut out earlier to the top of the lid.  You can curl her 'hair' at this point by rolling each strip around a pencil until it has your desired curl.

5. Trim your cone bag to the desired hat height, fill with black shred and tape closed.

6. Adhere the cone to the lid, then trim the bottom with the 1/8" ribbon.

7. If you'd like, hot-glue on a fun detail like flowers, trailing ribbon, feathers or a tulle pom. I wanted to make her face green by covering the container with green card stock, but since the cup is not straight-sided, you would have to curve the top edge of the paper and that became too technical for me.  But if you are that ambitious, I would love to see that.

These would be perfect as a wizard hat if you swap out the colors; blue or star patterned paper and ribbon would fit the bill. - This cute container would make the perfect decoration for any Halloween party! For more crafty tips and tutorials stop by Not Just A Mommy. If you are looking for more Halloween inspiration, stop by our Event Planning Section.

What do you think of this witchy craft? Let us know in the comments below.