10 Social Distancing Halloween Party Ideas During COVID-19

Gather together for an eerie (and safe!) evening or afternoon of Halloween festivities this year.

Brittany Barber


As COVID-19 remains at the forefront of our thoughts, the idea of throwing a party any time soon may only seem like wishful thinking to some. But as we adapt and normalize the new reality of social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing the heck out of everything, hosting a party for Halloween 2020 may actually be a thing we can do. By following the right precautions and keeping up to date with recommendations from organizations like WHO and CDC, you can still gather together for an eerie evening or afternoon of Halloween festivities this year.

Here are 10 ideas to inspire you to throw an awesome (and safe!) Halloween party while social distancing in 2020.

Masquerade Party 


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Go with a masquerade party theme for Halloween 2020 so your guests can have fun while wearing a mask! Just make sure the invites clearly state what kind of masks are acceptable. Instead of the typical upper face-covering masks that come to mind when you think of a masquerade ball, go for full-face, Venetian carnival-style masks instead. Just be sure to keep a box of medical face masks handy—in case your guests get tired of wearing theirs at any point during the party. 

Open House Halloween Party 


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Want a low-key, low-maintenance Halloween hangout without it becoming a full-on Halloween party? Invite your friends and family to drop by for an hour or so at some point during the day. Make sure everyone wears a mask and costume, and only stays long enough for a quick catch-up and a photo or two!

Masked Costume Contest


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Challenge your guests to come up with a costume that requires a mask to be worn. Make rules like “DIY costumes” or “handcrafted masks only” to get people to tap into their creative side. Luckily, Halloween and masks go hand in hand, but if you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our list of scary Halloween costumes with masks

Have an Outdoor Halloween Party


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An easy way to socially distance at a Halloween party is to host it outside! Whether you choose to make it a scary Halloween party with spooky decorations or a light-hearted, pumpkin patch vibe—the more open space and fresh air, the better.

Bonus: we've put together this complete guide to how to host an outdoor Halloween party.

Throw a Virtual Halloween Party

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It’s probably safe to say that most of us have participated in a virtual party by now. If your community hasn’t had the go-ahead to hang out IRL for Halloween 2020, meet up digitally instead! You can still get creative and spooky with costumes, decorations, and even Halloween entertainment. Hire a virtual fortune teller and enjoy a unique Halloween celebration online this fall. Don’t forget to make yourself a Halloween cocktail to sip while you’re on the call! 

Host a Haunted House


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Turn your home into a haunted house that your friends and family won’t forget! Designate a large enough window of time for your quests to drop by so you can avoid overcrowding. Don’t hesitate with getting extra scary for this project—people expect to be spooked at a haunted house! You could even hire a professional costumed character to help up the ante a bit. Hand out party favors like individually wrapped snacks or canned beverages at the end of the haunted tour for a little socializing after the spooky haunted house experience! 

Halloween Bingo Night


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Turn your Halloween Party into a spooky, Halloween themed Bingo night this year! Find some printable Halloween Bingo cards online, or even make your own! Set up designated seating and game materials for each of your party guests. Make sure to hand out bundles of wrapped Halloween treats or candy corn that people can use as Bingo markers. Don’t forget to pick up some fun prizes for your guests to win too—these can be things like baked goods, Halloween candies, or fun Halloween-themed face masks!

Trunk or Treat Party 


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As a fun alternative to trick or treating or hosting a Halloween party at home, organize a trunk or treat party instead! Invite your family and friends with children to gather in a parking lot with decorated car trunks full of candy and Halloween treats. Let the kids hop from car to car to collect candy and admire the spooky decor.  

Backyard Halloween Movie Night


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If you’ve got the space, turn your backyard into a mini-movie theatre this Halloween! Set up a projector and choose a spooky Halloween movie to watch. You can organize seating with an assortment of lawn and dining chairs, or get people to bring their own blankets and lounge on the lawn! If it’s normally chilly where you live by October 31st, make sure to have extra warm blankets or portable heaters handy. Give out individually wrapped movie treats like popcorn or candy so your guests can snack safely during the screening! 

Pumpkin Carving Contest


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Set up your guests with their own carving station and host a pumpkin carving contest this Halloween! Carving pumpkins is an easy activity to do while staying the recommended 6 feet apart as long as everyone has their own utensils. Provide bowls for seeds, paper towels, and lay newspaper down for easy cleanup. Once everyone’s finished, take a vote on whose jack o’lantern is the most creative, and award them a prize!

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Published on 8/31/2020