Astrology Themed Party: Ideas for an Aries

It's Aries season!

Lauren Miolene


Aries, this month is all about you! March 21st though April 19th is officially Aries season which means it’s time to start planning a big and bold birthday party. This fire sign is energetic, enthusiastic, and spontaneous, so you’ll need an exciting birthday party theme to match your personality. Don’t forget to use our helpful checklist as a guide to plan your special day.

Dive into the classic traits of your astrological sign and try one of our six party themes so you can celebrate this year’s birthday in style. Aries are typically courageous and fearless, so keep reading for bold party themes.

Pro Tip: If you have a deep interest in all things astrology, consider booking an astrologer for your birthday party so guests can learn more about themselves.

Here are top birthday party themes for an Aries…

Alice in Wonderland

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What’s more creative and bold than Alice in Wonderland? Channel all things magical and mystical for this extraordinary Aries birthday party with an adventurous Alice in Wonderland theme.

Have guests arrive through a “down the rabbit hole” entrance. This portal will act as a threshold to a whimsical celebration perfectly fit for an Aries. Decorate your space with plenty of fresh flowers as well as giant playing cards and tea party accessories to bring Wonderland to life.

Aries, take advantage of this magical theme with entertainment to match. For this un-birthday party, consider booking a tea leaf reader, costumed characters to interact with guests, and Victorian inspired music to match.

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas


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You can never go wrong with brunch, especially for a fun birthday party activity. If you want to get together with friends and family earlier in the day for a more laid-back celebration, this is your sign to book a reservation at your favorite restaurant or start planning your brunch menu at home.

If hosting at home for a more intimate birthday celebration, include all of your favorites like waffles, avocado toast, and delicious cocktails. Set up a mimosa and bloody Mary bar so guests can garnish their beverages with different fruit, juice, and other delicious accents. If you want to take things up a notch to make this an Aries brunch, book a catering team and bartender to whip up your brunch spread.

Any successful party needs entertainment to match, especially for an Aries. Consider booking live music to serenade guests while you enjoy your late breakfast like an acoustic guitarist, jazz band, or even a DJ depending on the vibe.

New York City

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New York City is one of the most magical places on earth. The fast paced atmosphere, bright lights, and delicious food everywhere you turn makes for a bold party theme that is perfectly fit for an Aries. If you can’t make it to the Big Apple for your birthday party, bring the magic of Manhattan to you.

The city that never sleeps just makes sense for an Aries birthday party theme. Obviously, you’ll need to serve all of the food cart street favorites like pizza, hot dogs, bagels, and soft pretzels. Encourage guests to wear “I heart NY” or newspaper print attire, and sip on Manhattans or Carrie Bradshaw inspired Cosmopolitans.

If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know there is exciting entertainment on every street corner. Incorporate these details into your birthday party by booking human statues, street performers like jugglers or unicyclists, or even a comedian to perform during the celebration to perfectly capture the Big Apple energy. 

New York City Party Ideas


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Opening Day falls just shortly after the start of Aries season, so can you think of a better way to celebrate? Kick off your birthday festivities as well as the start of a new baseball season by hosting a baseball themed birthday party that will knock it out of the park.

Bring the excitement of the ball game to your Aries birthday party by incorporating ball park fun throughout the celebration. Decorate your space with baseball balloons and an old school chalkboard scoreboard, and serve the game day favorites like hot dogs, nachos, and Cracker Jacks.

Easily bring the baseball game energy to your birthday party with classic entertainment as seen in the stadium. Book a DJ to play player’s walk-up songs, a caricaturist to draw guests in their favorite baseball team swag, and a face painter to create designs or the signature eye block on guest’s faces.

Baseball Party Ideas

Around the World

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Aries typically have the travel bug, so visit countries on your bucket list for a special birthday party this year. Even if you don’t have the time to travel, we have plenty of ideas you can easily incorporate into your birthday celebrations. And the best part is, you won’t even have to use PTO!

Start off by choosing what countries you want to visit. Maybe you want to spend an evening in Paris dining on macarons, travel back in time to the Old West, or take the celebrations to Greece, Mamma Mia style. Organize a potluck and passport invitations so guests can eat their way around the countries and get their stamps, too.

The easiest way to travel the world without ever leaving home is through special themed entertainment. Book exciting entertainment inspired by each country like a French accordion player, belly dancers and henna artists inspired by the Middle East, or an African band that will make it feel like you are in the Sahara Desert.

Around the World Party Ideas

Wizard of Oz

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Make your Aries birthday party technicolor with the magic of the Wizard of Oz. Take inspiration from this classic film by incorporating all of the iconic details into your birthday celebrations this year.

Is it even a Wizard of Oz themed party if you don’t have guests arrive on a yellow brick road? Decorate with a green and gold color scheme, use red glittery accent to represent Dorothy’s shoes, and serve delicious treats like Over the Rainbow Cupcakes, Yellow Brick Road Lemon Bars, and animal crackers (just make sure they include lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!)

Why keep your party basic when you can make it extraordinary through themed entertainment? Book costumed characters that will dress up as Dorothy and the crew and interact with guests throughout the celebration. Book a photo booth that uses an Emerald City or poppy field backdrop, and even rent an outdoor movie screen so you can watch the movie for an immersive experience.

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Published on 3/14/2024