22 Ways to Socialize this Winter and Help Kick Cabin Fever

Looking for fun ways to make winter suck less? Check out our ideas on how to make the best out of these icy winter months.

Brittany Barber


A great way to help ease that winter cabin fever is to make sure you stay in touch with your loved ones. If you experience the freezing cold weather where you live, you know just how hard it can be to even leave the house. And now, with a pandemic on our hands too? We're seriously going to have to put in the effort to make sure we enjoy this lonely winter wonderland!

That's why we've come up with 22 ideas that you can do to socialize and get outside this winter. From hosting a virtual dance party to organizing a murder mystery night — you're going to want to check these out!


Here are 22 ways to socialize this winter:

1. Build a Snowman 


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One of the greatest ways to get out of the house this winter is to make a point of building a snowman. (Or an entire fleet of snowmen!) It's a great activity for people of all ages — plus, it's easy to socially distance while doing it! 

2. Snowshoeing 

If you don't have snowshoes, this could be the winter to consider purchasing a pair. You can usually find them at a local sporting goods store, and some places even rent them out. They're great to have on hand if you're the type who enjoys getting out of civilization with a few pals for a scenic hike through the snow. 

3. Holiday Crafts 

Get your pals together for an afternoon of craft making! You can easily social distance doing crafts by setting up individual stations. It's a great option to entertain the kids, or even as a way to make a few Christmas gifts this year. Create your own ornaments, make Christmas cards by hand, or even try your hand at building your own holiday wreath.

4. Holiday Happy Hour


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There really isn't a whole lot that beats sipping a delicious holiday cocktail by the fire during the winter months. Invite your friends to join you, even if it's just over a Zoom call. Make it fun and send your friends your favorite cocktail recipe, and spend the video call mixing them up together. Better yet, hire a bartender to host a virtual workshop, and learn a little something about mixology together. 

Bonus: Looking for holiday cocktail inspiration? Check out these 26 delicious cocktail recipes!

5. Learn How To Make Mulled Wine

Speaking of winter drinks — learn how to make mulled wine this holiday season, pour some out into a few mason jars, and go for a light stroll with your neighbors! It's sure to keep y'all warm and cozy. 

6. Cook Together 

Hearty dishes like butternut squash soup or a flavorful ragout are great meals to make during the winter months. Turn cooking into a way you can socialize by cooking together! If you're pressed for space, simply choose a recipe you and your loved ones can make together over a Zoom call. And whatever you do, don't forget to pour yourself a glass of wine!

7. Admire Christmas Decorations 


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Every town and city has that one neighborhood with the most epic Christmas decorations. Invite your friends to take a wander through yours to admire the twinkling lights and impressive scenery. Make a game of it and vote on which is the most out-there! 

8. Long Walk 

Speaking of wandering through the neighborhood — make a point of planning a few long walks with your friends and family this winter. Besides the fresh air and socializing, I'm sure we could all use all the vitamin D we can get! 

9. Snowball Fight 

As long as the snow is soft and there's a "no snowballs in the face" rule in place, invite your pals to a good old fashioned snowball fight. Choose an area that isn't normally too populated, and use it as your snowball fight battleground. Don't forget your mits!

10. Build a Gingerbread House


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A favorite wintery tradition of most families is to build a gingerbread house. Set your builders up with their own stations, including ginger cookies, icing, and colorful candies. You can make everything yourself from scratch, or just visit your local grocery store for a gingerbread house kit.

11. Enjoy a Visit from Santa

Whether you host a small visit featuring Santa Claus, or decide to organize a virtual Santa meeting for the kids to enjoy — the whole family will be thrilled to have a little Santa time. Get the kids to write out a list of wishes, so they're prepared to chat with dear ol' Saint Nic himself. 

12. Murder Mystery Game

Don't leave the murder mystery parties up to Halloween alone. Enjoy an evening of mystery-solving with murder mystery entertainment!  Whether you choose to host a small gathering or simply play online, make sure to dress up, dim the lights, and bust out the magnifying glass you haven't touched in years.  

13. Storytelling 


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Unless your grandfather sounds like Samuel L. Jackson, hire a storyteller to give a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol this winter. It's a great opportunity to enjoy the company of your family and friends while also taking in the nostalgia of the season. 

14. Interactive Game Show

Get your family and friends together for a unique entertainment experience of participating in your very own game show. You can do this IRL or virtually, playing games like trivia and jeopardy with a live host! Check it out! 

15. Stream A Viewing of The Nutcracker 

If a winter tradition of yours is to go out to the ballet, why not host a virtual viewing of The Nutcracker that you can enjoy with all of your culture-loving friends? Help support the performing arts by buying digital tickets here!    

16. Christmas Carolling 


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If you and your friends or family have a knack for harmonizing, get together this winter to do a little carolling. It's said that singing can actually help relieve feelings of anxiety and stress — which we know can tend to pop up during the colder months. So gather together, either outside or online, and sing a few of your favorite festive tunes together. 

Bonus: Did you know you can actually hire Christmas carolers? If you and your family aren't the best singers, get a group of carollers to visit your loved ones' homes as a thoughtful holiday gesture. 

17. Dance Party

The best way to get those endorphins flowing is with a super fun dance party! Even if you can't have people over IRL, throw yourselves a virtual dance party and get moving! You'll thank us later.

Bonus: We've got an awesome dance party playlist you can use at your virtual dance party! Check it out!

18. Host A Movie Night 

Watch a movie together — whether that means hosting your bubble to gather around the couch for a flick or using Netflix Party to stream something together, separately. We recommend watching a feel-good comedy to keep the mood light and the vibe elevated.

19. Homemade Hot Chocolate


Photo: Lindsay Landis/Loveandoliveoil.com

Gather your pals to make a pot of seriously decadent, homemade hot chocolate this winter. You'll probably have to do it more than once because it's just going to be that delicious. Go classic with a salted caramel hot chocolate, or check out this wild unicorn hot chocolate recipe from Love and Olive Oil for a truly unique hot chocolate drinking experience. 

20. Ice Skating 

One of our favorite winter pastimes at The Bash is ice skating! Head to your local rink with a few pals and enjoy gliding through these winter months. Just make sure your skates are properly sharpened — it really helps you to not fall on your face! 

21. Make Your Own Hot Apple Cider 

Enjoy your own hot apple cider any day of the week this winter with this delicious hot apple cider recipe from Delish. The experts at Delish recommend using your favorite apple variety — and to keep in mind that the more flavorful the apple, the more flavorful the cider! 

22. Have a Winter Bonfire


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If you've got the space for an outdoor bonfire this winter, take advantage of it with a few pals. Make sure everyone bundles up, and has a thermos full of hot mulled wine or apple cider. Oh, and don't forget a bag of marshmallows. Even if it's freezing, the fire will keep you warm! 

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Published on 12/3/2020